Our team created a modern, high-converting website with a catalog of tours specifically designed for the American market. We tripled lead conversion through the website.

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The luxury travel company specializing in trips to Greece has approached us for the second time. Previously, we created a website tailored to the Russian-speaking market, and now they needed a tool to penetrate the American market. Our task was to skillfully and concisely showcase four premium services: villa and apartment rentals, concierge service, yacht rentals, and customized tours, while taking into account the user experience of luxury travelers in America.

What We Did?

We have crafted a high-converting website with a UX design and persuasive copywriting. Our team has seamlessly integrated a user-friendly feedback form, which has already generated over 600 leads.

Results of our work:

Developed a compelling brand visual concept that captures attention
Designed a user-friendly website with unique and engaging content
The average purchase value has doubled, surpassing expectations
The website's performance has exceeded KPI goals by threefold

Website development

We have created a modern and visually appealing website that is user-friendly in terms of usability. It provides all the necessary information for clients, including services, tours, pricing, and booking terms. However, the most important aspect is that the website's beautiful design inspires a desire to make a purchase and generates high engagement. On average, clients spend 7 minutes on the new website, indicating strong user interest and involvement.


Our main goal is to convey the value of the tours and evoke emotions that ignite the desire to travel. We have emphasized personalizing the business by showcasing the individuals behind the brand name. The texts incorporate triggers and principles of influence psychology. As a result, the website has achieved a high conversion rate.

What Our Clients Say:

We've worked with the BlueWhite agency before - they built us a website, and now that it was time to create another one, we turned to them again. Everything was done on schedule, with support, recommendations, and a deep understanding of our project. We received a powerful tool for our work - a fast, modern, and highly effective website.

Kateryna Hryshyna
Founder of 105olivesgreece

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