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Increased the flow of high-quality leads through the websiteby 4 timesdue to the creation of a conversion-oriented website and the optimization of contextual advertising.

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Increased conversion rate after the update


Inquiries were received by the client within the first 3 weeks


Inquiries the client receives are from organic search


A company specializing in the production of white label swimwear and lingerie approached us with an issue regarding the influx of low-quality leads from online channels. The company's management recognized the problem of underutilizing digital channels for customer acquisition but lacked in-house expertise to rectify the situation.

What We Did?

After analyzing the client's situation and digital resources, we proposed a series of measures, from which the client chose website overhaul and the development of a new advertising campaign at this stage. We crafted a modern, conversion-focused website with UX design and SEO-driven content, integrated user-friendly feedback forms, set up website analytics and conversion tracking, and optimized the site for search engines (SEO). To actively generate leads, we rebuilt the contextual advertising campaign. This combination yielded the client over 100 inquiries within just 4 weeks.

Results of our work:

Developed a user-friendly website with SEO-driven content.
Achieved high levels of engagement and retention on the website.
Exceeded website performance KPI expectations by 2 times.

Website development

We've crafted a modern and visually appealing website, designed for a seamless user experience, containing all the essential information for clients: comprehensive service details, FAQs, and contact information. The updated site, with its attractive design, sparks curiosity and achieves high engagement. The conversion of website visitors into inquiries has reached an impressive 10%.


The main task was to elegantly and succinctly package three types of services, provide detailed descriptions of the work stages, and highlight the company among competitors. In the texts, we focused on the audience's needs, showing that we understand them here. The texts and pages were optimized for search engines (SEO), leading to high organic traffic and a large percentage of organic inquiries.

PPC services

The Blue White team faced the challenge of attracting potential clients through contextual advertising. Our team developed a multi-regional advertising campaign that delivered excellent results from the first weeks, and we continue optimization, gradually reducing the cost of lead acquisition.

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