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We have created a high-converting e-commerce website and improved the performance marketing к ROMI - 300%, with ongoing efforts to further increase it.

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Premium Dutch cheese shop Siera Karali turned to us with a request to launch their brand online. At that time, they had a network of physical stores in Riga, but the brand was not represented online. There was a request to create a convenient online shop with delivery throughout Latvia.

What We Did?

We began by creating a solid foundation for the business - a conversion-driven online shop with persuasive copy in two languages, and also optimized their social media presence. Then, we focused on Google Ads and targeted advertising as the main channels to attract traffic to the site. We also performed primary SEO optimization, which over time allowed the online shop to appear on the first page of Google for all queries related to cheese in Latvia.

Results of our work:

Thanks to the website, we doubled the average online purchase value compared to offline.
After optimizing contextual and targeted advertising, and implementing remarketing, revenue and profits continue to grow - our overall ROMI across all channels is now over 200%.
Engagement and retention rates on the website are constantly increasing thanks to website speed and quality content.

Website Development

The main task for the BlueWhite team was to showcase a range of cheeses, Italian delicacies, accessories, and create user-friendly functionality for ordering. We designed a concise and convenient website with an intuitive product catalog, product filters, and a personal account for regular customers.


Emphasize their premium quality and simplify the selection process for customers by providing maximum information about each product. We studied the target audience of the shop, their values, and preferences. Based on this, we created accessible descriptions of the features and taste qualities of cheeses and Italian delicacies. We adapted the text to the English language and took into account the main SEO keywords.

PPC services

Our long-term PPC campaign for an online shop was distributed across three channels:
Google Ads
Targeted advertising
We created a series of campaigns for these channels with the goals of increasing reach and recognition, as well as direct sales of products.
Working with loyalty also helped increase results - mailchimp service mailings to the customer database, implementation of promo codes for regular customers, Instagram contests - a complex of activities brought the result of growing profits in a difficult time for luxury products during the crisis.

What Our Clients Say

" I have been working with the Blue White team for a year and a half, and during this time they have not changed their style even once. Everything is perfect, always on time, and they are always in touch. Unfortunately, finding teams like Blue White is rare today - many overpromise at the start, but end up delivering results that are completely different from what was agreed upon after just a few months. "

Svetlana Maksimova
Owner of the Cheese Shop Siera Karali

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