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We created a new modern website for a construction company, increased the number of leads by 3 times, and reduced the cost per lead by 50%.

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One of Europe's largest construction companies, Eldorado GS, approached us with a request to rebrand their business - create a new logo, launch a new website, revamp their social media, and increase the number of customers across Europe. The client operates in a highly competitive market niche, with a long customer conversion cycle and high customer acquisition cost. The client had an outdated website, which showed low conversion rates (less than 1%), failed to convey the brand's values, and hindered the use of performance marketing to its full potential.

What We Did?

We began by creating a comprehensive business package - a new website optimized for conversions, featuring persuasive copy in 9 languages, as well as a revamped social media presence. Next, we turned our attention to Google Ads, which became our primary channel for customer acquisition. Going forward, we plan to optimize the website for SEO and actively engage with LinkedIn to further expand our reach.

Results of our work:

Thanks to the multilingual website, we expanded the customer base 5 times over.
Conversion from social media increased 2 times over.
After optimizing our Google AdWords campaigns, we saw a 55% increase in leads over 5 months.
Engagement and retention on the website improved due to faster site speed and high-quality content.

Website Development

We created a logo that reflects the brand values. We developed a modern and conversion-focused website, user-friendly in terms of usability, which contains all the necessary information for clients: materials, work process, portfolio, advantages, and a detailed request form. Each language version of the website includes a unique phone number for communication.


The main task was to describe the construction services accurately and concisely and adapt the texts to 9 languages. We formulated a clear value proposition by analyzing the target audience and its values. Then we wrote texts in English and created a team of native copywriters for text adaptation.


The Blue White team was tasked with increasing brand awareness for Eldorado GS and attracting potential customers using contextual and media advertising on Google Adwords. Our team successfully accomplished the task, reaching an audience five times larger without increasing the advertising budget.
After optimizing the website for SEO queries, over 30 key queries are now in the top 10 Google search results. By creating lead forms, we increased the number of requests through the website by 3 times.

What Our Clients Say

"We have been working with BlueWhite for over six months now, during which time they have completely redesigned our packaging - created a new logo, a website in 9 languages, generated leads for us in Google, and worked on SEO optimization. For me, it is important that any task is solved quickly and with minimal involvement from me. And that's exactly what happens - the guys quickly and autonomously complete the tasks. They generate a growing number of leads and actively show initiative in their work."

Alexander Liepinsh
Owner of Eldorado GS

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