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We reduced the cost per customer acquisition by 3 times and increased ROAS by 90%. Our team created a new website and compelling descriptions for new tours. We tripled lead conversion through the website.

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An organizer of custom tours approached us right after the pandemic to resume organizing travel bachelorette parties. At that time, the client had an outdated website and an old customer database, which meant we had to start from scratch. The client had a website that showed low conversion rates (less than 1%), and in some months, the ROMI was less than 0%.

What We Did?

We started by creating a smart business package that included a new conversion-focused website with compelling copy, optimized it for SEO, and engaged in comprehensive promotion - managing social media and working with bloggers, setting up targeted advertising.

Results of our work:

A new compelling concept, logo, and website for travel bachelorette parties were created.
The client's revenue increased by 10 times and continues to grow.
The cost per client through targeted advertising decreased by three times.
The conversion rate from social media increased by 10 times.
Engagement and retention rates on the website improved due to the new website and high-quality content.

Website development

We created a modern, conversion-focused website that is user-friendly and provides all necessary information for clients: programs, costs, and booking terms. But most importantly, the website's beautiful feminine design creates a desire to buy and provides high engagement. The average time a client spends on the new website is 5 minutes.


The main task is to reveal the value of the tours and evoke emotions, the desire to go. We formulated a clear value proposition, analyzing the target audience and its meanings. Triggers and psychology of influence were used in the texts. The result is a high website conversion rate.


The Blue White agency team was tasked with increasing ROMI and making the project profitable. We increased website traffic by 5 times (organic and targeted) and increased ROAS from this channel by 290%.

Targeted advertising allowed us to reduce the cost of attracting a client by 4 times. After SEO optimization, over 10 key queries are in the top 10 Google search results.

What Our Clients Say

" This is fantastic! My business is profitable again and I can continue to fulfill my mission of making women happy! I no longer have to worry about traffic, leads, and conversions - the BlueWhite team handles this excellently. "

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