We attracted 2000 new customers, reduced the cost of customer acquisition by 4 times, and increased the ROAS by 90% for FoodClub

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FoodClub, the largest office food delivery service in Latvia, approached us when their project had been running for a year and their marketing efforts were being handled internally. The client had a website that was showing low conversion rates (less than 1%) and in some months the ROMI was below 0%.

What We Did?

We started by creating a comprehensive business package - designing a new high-converting website with persuasive copy, optimizing it for SEO, and implementing a full-scale marketing strategy, which included managing social media accounts and collaborating with bloggers, as well as setting up contextual and targeted advertising.

Results of our work:

Client base increased by 2000 corporate clients.
Website is now on the first page of Google search results for main keywords.
Conversion rates from social media increased by 5 times.
After optimizing Google AdWords campaigns, the number of leads increased by 380% in just 3 months.
Engagement and retention metrics improved due to website speed optimization and high-quality content.

Website Development

We created a modern and high-converting website that is user-friendly and contains all the necessary information for customers, such as menu, delivery and payment conditions, advantages, and registration form. We also added a section for corporate clients, where the benefits of working with the service are described from the employer's perspective.


The main task is to reveal the value of the service that delivers hot meals at an affordable price to offices and homes. The texts describe all the advantages of the service and address potential customer objections. We formulated a clear value proposition by analyzing the target audience and their values. The texts were written in Russian and adapted to Latvian and English languages.

PPC services

The Blue White agency team was tasked with increasing ROMI and making the project profitable. We increased traffic from Google by 5 times (organic and Google Ads) and increased ROAS from this channel by 270%. We reduced the bounce rate from 65% to 43%. After SEO optimization, more than 30 key queries are now in the top 10 search results on Google.

What Our Clients Say

" I would like to thank the BlueWhite team for their professional approach to work. To be honest, at first, I didn't believe that our business could achieve such results. These guys work with heart and high professionalism, and as a result, our ROMI has already reached 230% and continues to grow. With them, we earn several times more! "

Nikolay Markov
Founder of

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