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Design and code are half the battle

The second half is processes.

Here's how we work


Filling out the brief

We start with a personal meeting or conference call. We get to know each other, discuss the project, and within an hour of conversation, we learn everything that would take several days over email. After the meeting, we will find several references for the site and create its structure.

Signing the contract

We document the key terms of our collaboration in a contract. Download a sample contract. We've highlighted the areas to pay attention to.

Building communication

We aim for a balance between "don't distract me" and "I want to be involved" at all stages of development. We create a group chat with all development participants and, for complex projects, provide access to the project on Trello. We respond promptly in messengers and make revisions as necessary.

Creating a text-based site prototype

This stage does not involve colors or other design solutions, but you will be able to navigate through the pages and understand how content blocks will be arranged.

Making revisions

We offer free revisions for the first three lists of motivated comments, and there is no limit to the number of items on the list. Starting from the fourth iteration, we evaluate modifications honestly based on the hours worked and issue an invoice.

Developing the project step by step

Testing loading speed and setting up the admin panel. Creating an instruction manual for the site and providing warranty support after delivery and acceptance of the work.

Assisting with promotion

We specialize in targeted and contextual advertising, as well as SEO optimization.

We fix and refine

If something breaks or needs improvement, we are always available!

All websites are created "turnkey"

Starting from logo design and developing a compelling concept to website migration and email setup.

One-page website

from 300 €

If you need to sell a product or service, or promote your info product, a landing page will do the trick.
We will create a persuasive structure, design, and content to turn website visitors into potential clients.

Multi-page website

from 550 €

We'll showcase your company in the best possible light and create a website that will attract new customers or partners.
We'll describe your mission, services or products, introduce your team, add lead generation forms, and create a unique design.

E-commerce website

from 1200 €

Create an Easy and Functional Online Store.
We will add products to your website, create a user-friendly shopping cart for your customers, implement internal SEO optimization, and integrate a payment system.

Stages of website development

We stay in touch even after delivering the website to the client, providing technical support, adding pages and blocks, and conducting SEO optimization.


Getting to know your business


Building a test prototype
of the future website


Creating the website design


Creating and configuring
the mobile version


Testing all website functions


Hosting, setup,
and feature integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a website depends on its type and the set task. A one-page landing starts from 300 euros, while an online shop with payment system integration starts from 1200 euros.

A team consisting of a developer, designer, and copywriter works on your website. On average, it takes from two weeks to two months to complete a website, depending on its complexity.

Before starting the project, we fill out a brief to understand your preferences for design, functionality, and website structure. Each subsequent stage undergoes your approval. We create a prototype, propose the design of the homepage, and make changes according to your feedback. Therefore, the final result will meet all of your expectations.

If your website is more than 5 years old, we recommend creating a new website instead of redesigning the old one. Designs become outdated quickly. The cost of changes to the design, structure, or content of your website depends on the complexity and volume of the work.

Yes, we set up SEO optimization for your website to ensure proper indexing through search engines. We also set up PPC services and targeted advertising based on your budget and goals.

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