Our team created a modern, high-converting landing page for an informational product.

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Television director Marina Shaleva approached us with a request to create an impactful and functional website to promote her original online course "Television Directing: Beyond the Basics." Our task was to skillfully and succinctly package the course's benefits and establish a conversion funnel for generating leads through the website.

What We Did?

We designed a modern, conversion-focused landing page with a UX design and compelling copy. We integrated a convenient feedback form and devised strategies for scaling the informational product.

Results of our work:

Developed a user-friendly website with persuasive copy
Tripled the number of leads through the website

Website Development

We've created a contemporary and visually captivating website that prioritizes usability. It provides comprehensive information about the lecturer, curriculum, pricing, and advantages. However, the website's most significant achievement is its attractive design that spurs purchase intent and fosters high user engagement. On average, visitors spend 10 minutes on the new website, indicative of strong user interest and involvement.


Our primary goal is to communicate the value of the course and evoke emotions that inspire enrollment. We have emphasized the lecturer's image, showcasing the person behind the brand name. The texts incorporate triggers and principles of psychological influence. As a result, the website has achieved a high conversion rate.

What Our Clients Say:

"Thank you so much! The outcome is absolutely stunning, with a touch of elegance and flawless functionality."

Marina Shaleva
Television director, Course Author

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